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When was the last time

your brand buzzed?


BrandBUZ® is the little agency with big ideas and a passion for crafting beautiful things. Not just things that look beautiful, but are beautiful because they deliver results.


We Make Brands Sweeter by Doing What We Love.


Creativity, talent, and a spark of imagination can move the world. By focusing on our best capabilities and doing what we love, we're able to quickly produce exceptional work.

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Storytelling

  • Brand VisID, VBL, EBL

  • Logo and Brand Asset Development

  • Presentations

  • Proposals

  • Digital and Print Ads

  • Copywriting

  • Brand and Agency Team Integration

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Small but Mighty


We're agile and well-connected, with access to amazing artists, illustrators, writers and editors. We can quickly put together a world-class team for your project regardless of scope, and at a fraction of big agency billing.




We believe in the power of  WOW.

Here are a handful of the B2B, B2C, agency, and non-profit clients

we've wowed and continue to serve:


About Us


Two creative directors walked into a bar...OK, not really. We walked into a pitch meeting, one representing the client, one representing the agency, and the rest is history. Together, we've created a lot of sweet stuff. We'd love to do that for your brand, too.

Adina Baker

Adina is a creative director, designer, writer and illustrator who loves the underlying strategy of making beautiful things. Drawn to creative that involves storytelling, design-thinking and craftsmanship, Adina has developed projects and strategies for global brands, startups and retailers, and has helped brand teams & agencies work together to elevate and expedite the brand experience across all consumer touch-points.

Glen Sheehan

A catalyst for teams, agencies and clients, Glen orchestrates brand stories and user experiences one touch at a time. Whether it's for Fortune 500's, startups or small businesses, Glen helps teams deliver richer strategies, enhanced cultures, and better consumer engagement.

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What's up With the Bees?

Yup. We get that a lot. It's not just that we like honey, which we do, it's more about how bees work together as a team, how their pollination provides us with tasty things to eat, and how each species is connected in some way to the bigger picture. Bumble bees are our favorite, not just because they're cute and fuzzy and have great style with their black and yellow jackets, but they're super pollinators that rarely sting.

Since we're inspired (and fed) by the humble bumble bee, we thought it only right to give something back. That's why a percentage of our profit goes to the Xerces Society, a non-profit organization that studies and preserves bees. Want to learn more about bee conservation? Check out their website here:


Let's Chat.

Los Angeles • CA

Tel: 818 • 585 3765

Thanks • We'll Be in Touch Soon

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